4 Days psychedelic retreat

4 Days psychedelic retreat Retreat with Yoga &
Sound Healing and more......
In a luxury accommodation near Amsterdam
14 Mei t/m 17 Mei
16 Juli t/m 19 Juli

Psychedelic therapy

A psychedelic ceremony is very suitable for courageous people who want a broadening and deepening of their lives. It can open the subconscious and the superconscious.

With the right preparation and setting during the ceremony you can achieve unprecedented results to grow in life.

It can mean a lot to people struggling with: burn-out, stress, fears, mourning, loneliness, (love) sadness, depression, addictions, negative self-image, sexuality and intimacy and many health problems. All kinds of repressed painful, anxious and disappointing experiences are stored in our subconscious mind.

The inner journey will unfold in waves. It is a powerful method to let go, gain insights, awaken, heal and become who you really are.

During the ceremony you will use aromatherapy, color therapy and music to make the experience go as smoothly as possible. But you will also grow spiritually, personally, physically and mentally. Get in touch with yourself again. The in-depth insights from this 8-hour ceremony can be comparable to the insights from many years of therapy.

The guidance is done by very experienced people who can support you during your inner journey. You work with small groups, so there is plenty of room for your personal healing process before, during and after the session.

An entheogenic experience also activates your third eye. All answers are contained within yourself. So don’t be left with big (life) issues, fears or depression.

Sometimes you just have to face a free fall, to find out that you can fly! Give yourself a new life. Dare to find the key to your soul and experience inner freedom and physical health.

The key to finding yourself is to lose yourself completely.

    What can you expect:

  • 4 x days stay in a luxury accommodation
  • 2 x Yoga sessions
  • 2 x Psychedelic Ceremony
  • 1 x Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)
  • 1 x Trauma-release Breath ceremony
  • 1 x Spirit of Sananga (3rd eye healing)
  • 1 x Shamanic Rapé snuff
  • 1 x Moxa therapy (for opening of 3rd eye)
  • 1 x Sacred Cacao therapy
  • Core Wound therapy
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Guided meditation
  • Sound Healing meditation
  • Orthomoleculair arts
  • Hypnotherapeut
  • Deep emotional support
  • Vegan or vegetarian food cooked by our private chef
  • Luxury accommodation

Aftercare: Our care for you does not end after a ceremony. We will remain available for you if you have questions regarding what has come loose after a ceremony.


We will arrive in the afternoon (2.00 pm), get to know each other, settle for, feel comfortable and share a dinner + guided meditation


  • Light breakfast
  • Yoga
  • free time, nature walk
  • Light lunch
  • Moxa Healing
  • Sound healing ceremony
  • 1st Psilocybin Ceremony
  • Dinner, sharing


  • Light breakfast
  • Yoga
  • Light lunch
  • Sananga Healing
  • Shamanic Snuff Rapé
  • 2nd Psilocybin Ceremony
  • Dinner, sharing


  • Breakfast & sharing
  • Yoga on the psoas muscle
  • Cacao ceremony
  • TRE Therapy (trauma stress release)
  • Trauma Release Breath Therapy
  • Closing circle
  • Check-out and huggs

Price :
Shared Room € 1495.- ( beds can be separated )

Private Room, Ensuite Bathroom  € 2495.-

Private double room € 1755.- p. persoon

Maximum 14 participants

You can place your reservation here:  http://tpn.to/inner-journey

The Retreat will take place in The Netherlands where Psilocybin truffles are legal. We have chosen one of the most luxury accommodation near Amsterdam. Round waterways, lakes and canals,  as well as old villages and vast pasturelands. The tranquility that radiates from the breathtaking nature, will guide us to a place of tranquility within ourselves.