Plantceremonies, Kambo, Yoga Silent 7 days Retreat

"It takes great courage and dedication to the deepest, darkest aspects of ourselves"

Language: Dutch / Englisch

Friday April 2 to Thursday April 8

This 7-days Inner-journey Plant Ceremonies Silent Retreate is an immersive journey into silence. You will be asked not to speak from the morning of the third day of the retreat until the morning of the last day.

The retreat includes:

• 2 x Sacred Plant Healing ceremonies

• 1 x Kambo (Sapo)therapy

• 1 x Magic Mushroom ceremony

• 1 x Sacred Cacao ceremony

• 3 x Rapé Ceremonies

• 3 x Sananga

• 1 x Sound Healing Journey

• 1 x Trigger Point Back- Neck- Shoulder Massage

• 1 x Voice Liberation Therapy

• Yoga & Meditation

You also have the opportunity every day to participate in daily guided meditations and yoga, silent walks to seek inner spiritual guidance as you journey with the sacred plant medications.

Why silence?
Our silent retreat is designed to gently confront your own silences and the thoughts and feelings within that need your attention to heal and re-experience the world.

Our chaotic life is often characterized by the absence of silence and can be devoid of deliberate space for reflection and contemplation. Leaving the city, traveling deep into the bush or the forest can be a rare encounter that brings us eye to eye with the natural silence and with the subtleties of our inner worlds.

If we just listen to our thoughts and the sensations, we often encounter strange and uncomfortable feelings. It can be difficult to just be with what is and not seek a temporary distraction from technology, social media and routine hustle and bustle.

Silence is confronting, but it can have the potential to heal old wounds and expand our intuitive abilities in ways we never imagined. Friendship with silence has the power to change our lives;

"Silence is the Sabbath of the soul. We rest in it and we hear everything in it"."

A central theme of this 7 day Inner journey is to revive soul loss.

Soul loss is a state where individuals feel like they are losing meaning in life - they feel like they don't belong and can become disconnected from others.
It is believed to be caused when a traumatic event (either physical or emotional) causes the individual's energy to fragment; parts of the soul can be lost or stuck, disrupting the natural flow of energy and vitality in a person.

Life can be stressful so everyone will go through the trauma to some degree and therefore soul loss can occur.
However, some life experiences can cause long-lasting or more severe pain. This can include emotional, physical, sexual or psychological abuse, grief, addictions, birth trauma, mental or physical neglect.

Soul retrieval, or recovery, is an ancient practice that shamans use to make a person suffering from soul loss whole again. It includes regaining a new sense of self after a traumatic experience and being able to interact with others and the world.

Planten Ceremonies can take us on a challenging and revealing journey through our heart and soul, unblocking long-lasting trauma, fear, hostility, anger, hatred and pain.
It works at the level of the physical body by directly cleaning and removing toxins, often by vomiting, crying or laughing.
It also works on an emotional level, helping to determine which aspects of the personality to let go of and allowing emotional wounds to heal.
This can often be done by receiving spiritual guidance from visions from teachers from another realm.

Plant Ceremonies can create a clear transition between our waking reality
and a non-physical plane, allowing us to access innate wisdom from deep within and outside of ourselves.

Therefore, it is not an uncomplicated, one-time experience, but a good network of experienced therapists, coaches, holistic healers and supportive counselors is involved to continue to realize this life-changing growth.

Normally, when someone decides to try Sacred medicine, it is a conscious choice to experience deep spiritual, mental and physical healing.

Recovering from traumatic experiences is not easy.
It takes time, effort, specialized care, support and persistence.

Are you ready to travel with us?

Costs including overnight stays, breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian / vegan) On request

We can accommodate 12 people. Your place is confirmed after a deposit. Location Haarlem

DATES: Good Friday April 2 from 11am to Thursday April 8 11am

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Love Sandra, Marco & Kaya

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